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[HOWTO] Temporarily disable pragmas for debugging purposes

Migration pragmas are arguably VB Migration Partner’s most powerful feature. However, at times pragmas can interact with each other and create incorrect results. For example, a wrong regex pattern in the PreProcess or PostProcess pragma can introduce errors in the generated .NET code. As a matter of fact, it has happened quite frequently that VB Migration Partner generated incorrect results only because an improper PostProcess pragma was used.

To help our users and ourselves in sorting out the reasons why a given piece of VB6 code isn’t migrating correctly to .NET we have added the ability to disable all pragmas included in either the original VB6 code or in any *.pragmas file.

To temporarily disable all pragmas of any type, you must create a text file named VBMigrationPartner.fixes and store it in C:\ root folder. This text file should contain the following single line of text

The string that follows the = symbol is a regex that is applied to the pragma name, therefore you can disable pragmas in a more granular way. For example, you can disable just PreProcess and PostProcess pragmas using this text line:

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