The kind of user feedback we are fond of...

clock February 23, 2010 03:55

We just received a very nice comment from our customer, and I couldn't help quoting it:

I must say at this point I am incredibly impressed with the software, tried other products and got a half baked application that ran in loops.  With VB Migration Partner I had a running prototype the same day.  This is the best spent money we have ever experienced.  Thanks and good luck with the product.

Jeremy Pethick
Mazeppa AS

I was especially pleasured with it not just because our customer choosed VB Migration Partner after comparing with other VB6 migration tools that have been on the market for years, but also because it demonstrates that, in spite of all its power VB Migration Partner is as easy-to-use as it can possibly be.


[NEW RELEASE] VB Migration Partner v. 1.30 supports Visual Studio 2010 !

clock February 22, 2010 10:51

The most recent beta - more precisely, a release candidate - of Visual Studio 2010 has been released only a few days ago, yet VB Migration Partner already supports VB.NET 2010!

Support for VS2010 isn't the only great new feature in VB Migration Partner v. 1.30. For example, you can now generate more detailed batch reports, that contain all the main project metrics (in addition to migration warnings and compilation errors, as it happened in previous versions). We also support Shape controls with rounded corners and have refined the algorithm used to draw lines whose BorderWidth is greater than 1.

And as usual we have fixed a number of minor bugs, as reported from our customers, especially in the file I/O area. Converted VB.NET apps are now even more compatible with existing VB6 programs, and in fact they can share text and binary files with each other.

As usual, registered customers can download the new 1.30 release by means of the command in the Help menu.

VB Migration Partner featured on Microsoft Corp's MSDN Flash newsletter

clock February 3, 2010 09:36

The title says it all.

You can read this month's issue of MSDN Flash Extras here: