A few minutes ago we uploaded VB Migration Partner v. 1.31, which contains many interesting and useful additions, including

  • Full support for Visual Studio 2010
  • The new SetOption RemarkMethodBody pragma permits you to migrate only a subset of all the forms, modules, and classes in a large project, so that you can look at and solve a smaller group of compilation errors. (More details here)
  • The new Troubleshooting command in the Help menu quickly brings you to a page that shows how to solve the most common problems when working with VB Migration Partner

As usual, we also fixed a few problems – most notably in file I/O commands and subtle issues related to minor differences in how VB6 and VB.NET load and unload forms.  We improved data-binding and correctly implemented the DataFormat property that all controls expose, and ensured that the Timer.Timer event works exactly as under VB6. The complete list of all the fixes can be found in the VERSION_HISTORY.TXT file.

Registered users can access the download page from within the Help menu.

Have a happy (and errorless) migration !