Basta! 2010 slides available

clock September 27, 2010 15:45

We just uploaded the two slide packs of my session at Basta! 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany.

VB6 to .NET Migration: Myth, Truth, and Real-World Experiences

VB6 to .NET Migration: Tips, Traps, and Techniques

Happy reading!

Two migration e-books all serious developers should read

clock September 17, 2010 10:51

In our quest to provide useful info to our users and readers, we periodically surf the Internet looking for articles, books, whitepapers, tools, etc. related to VB6 to .NET migration.

This week the search has been quite fruitful, and we have added two great items to our Articles page:

Navigating your way through Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic.NET Application Upgrades
This 62-page e-book is one of the best collection of problems & solutions you can find on the Internet, with tons of detailed examples and code samples. It is obviously based on first-hand experience of the author with Microsoft Upgrade Wizard, and the solutions he proposes are valid and functional.

Visual Basic .NET Enhancements Compared to Visual Basic 6.
This e-book focuses on many differences between VB6 and VB.NET and in many cases it goes much deeper than the other articles mentioned in this page. It’s not the best place to start from when learning VB.NET, but it’s surely a must-read for the serious developer facing a complex migration project. (148 pages).

Both e-books are by David Ross Goben and are written in a clear and bright style. A must-read for all serious VB6 and VB.NET developers.

NOTE: Interestingly, virtually all the issues that David found when migrating his VB6 apps are handled automatically by our VB Migration Partner. (More on this in a subsequente post.)

Speaking at Basta! conference in Frankfurt

clock September 9, 2010 19:48

I am very pleased to be invited to the Basta! 2010 conference in Mainz, Frankfurt. This is the most important developers' conference in Germany and among the top events in Europe.

I have a couple sessions, both of which centered on VB6-to-.NET migration:

Sept 22: VB6-to-NET Migration: Myth, Truth, and Real-World Experiences

Sept 23: VB6-Migration: Tips, Traps and Tactics

If you are attending, stop by and say hi!