We just received this great feedback:

We have investigated the possibilities for a migration after a presentation of Code Architects at the Microsoft TechEd 2010 in Berlin. Before the presentation we assumed that migration would be too complicated en too expensive. After analyzing four different tools, we chose VB Migration Partner for the migration of our accounting and billing software (450K lines of code).

The big advantage of VB Migration Partner is that it solves the problems directly in the VB6-code by using “pragmas”. Therefore we don’t have to freeze our code and interrupt the new development in our software. With VB Migration Partner it’s also possible to migrate 1:1. This enables us to offer our customers the same user experience, but this time on a new platform. The final reason for us to choose VB Migration Partner is the (online) service and documentation. The tool and the website contain lots of background information and tips that will help you with the migration.

Ivo Huizinga
IT Manager, SnelStart

Netherland-based SnelStart is just another company who has appreciated the beauty and usefulness of VB Migration Partner's innovative approach based on pragma and its advantages over previous-generation, traditional conversion tools. You can find more example in our User Feedback page.