I am writing this post when the site is open only a restricted number of beta testers, so odds are that you’ll read it only in a couple of weeks. Nevertheless, an introduction is in order, so here it is.

I am Francesco Balena, author of a few books on Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET for Microsoft Press. If you are a long-time VB developer, you might have read my articles on Visual Basic Programmers’ Journal (now Visual Studio Magazine) or attend my sessions at VS Live!, WinDev, or other technical conferences.  I don’t write as many books or speak as much as I used to, because I am more busy doing what I really like most: writing software applications.

My last project is also the most complex program I’ve written in my 25-year career. It took two years to complete VB Migration Partner, the most complete and innovative tool to migrate VB6 apps to VB.NET. I didn’t do all by myself, and in fact I could count on the support from some of the finest developers we have in Italy, and from a great and dedicated team at Code Architects.

We created the vbmigration web site to promote our tool and our services, but we also plan to offer plenty of articles and resources related to VB6 migration. We will keep a record of all the tricks and the conversion techniques that we’ve learned in these two years and that we implemented in VB Migration Partner. We want to prove you that our product is simply the best conversion utility on the market, but you can still use what we learned in your own migration projects even if you don’t use our tool.