A few days ago we released version 0.91.03 to our beta testers. In addition to fixing a few minor bugs, the new version introduces a couple of all-important pragmas and a new way to specify project-level pragmas and share them among different projects.

The PreProcess pragma is similar to PostProcess, except that it processes the VB6 code before VB Migration Partner parses it. This pragma allows you to solve a large categories of migration issues. For example, you can change the name or the type of a VB6 control before it is converted to VB.NET. The ImportTypeLib pragma allows you to specify the exact command to be passed to the TlbImp.exe tool when VB Migration Partner imports a type library, for example to produce a strong-named DLL assembly.

Just as important, version 0.91.03 introduces the VBMigrationPartner.pragmas file, which is a text file that you can create in the VB6 project's directory and that can hold one or more project-level pragmas. You can copy the same file to different directories, which is a simple way to have multiple VB6 project to share the same project-level pragmas. As a matter of fact, ImportTyleLib pragmas and project-level PreProcess pragmas can only be stored inside a VBMigrationPartner.pragmas file.