Many of the code samples on which we've tested our VB Migration Partner tool have been downloaded from Planet Source's All-Time Hall of Fame, a page that gathers hundreds of VB6 samples that have won Planet Source's monthly contest or that have proved to be superior quality code. Even if you don't care for VB6 any longer, you can find some compelling code in that page. Pay it a visit, it won't be a waste of time.
Today I stumbled into a nice and very useful utility, named Rutu's Project Dependency Collection tool. It analyzes a VB6 project, lists all the type libraries and DLLs it depends on (and highlights missing DLLs), optionally extracts them to a folder, and include a BAT file that registers all of them. It even comes with a Shell Menu extension that allows you to run the tool from inside Windows Explorer.

It's useful, it's free, and even comes with full VB6 source code!