We just uploaded version 0.93 and made it available to beta testers.

The most important new feature is the EnableAppFramework pragma, which allows you to select a splash screen and the other settings that are available in the Application tab of the My Project designer in VB2005. 

Another minor but important feature - that can save you hours of hard debugging - is a new warning that VB Migration Partner emits when it detects a misuse of a Windows API, such as GetSystemDirectory or GetWindowText. You can find more details in this KB article: [PRB] A call to a Windows API Declare returns a string filled with spaces.

We are approaching the "feature complete" status and don't plan to add many new features until version 1.0 finally ships. We are quite busy in smashing bugs, though, and this version fixes over 60 of them. (Beta users can have a look at the Version History.txt file for more details.) For example, VB Migration Partner now works great on 64-bit platforms; conversions between strings and Byte array work *exactly* as in VB6; #If block convert correctly; and so forth.

We plan to release version 0.94 in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we are working closely with many Italian companies and are testing VB Migration Partner on a few huge projects (over 2 million lines of code each!). These migration processes will take months, but our customers are thrilled by the results reached so far, and so are we.