We have made four new migrated programs available in our Code Sample section. All of them are quite interesting - because they show VB Migration Partner's muscles, but also because they are intriguing in themselves.

EGL25 is an amazing ray tracer written in VB6, which is so fast that you can interactively rotate complex objects made of thousands polygons in real time. What is even more amazing is that VB Migration Partner managed to convert it to VB.NET at the first attempt!

Spell Checker is what its name implies: it comes with a dictionary of over 450,000 English words and uses a sophisticated Soundex-like algorithm to suggest words that are "similar" to the one you entered. Also in this case we managed to convert this code at the first attempt.

ID Card Maker allows you to create your own ID card. Very simple, but it is a good demonstration of VB Migration Partner's graphic capabilities. 

Type-n-Sign teaches you the sign language and shows how well VB Migration Partner deals with API Declares, non-rectangular forms, and other advanced programming techniques.