Another little step towards the official 1.0 release...

 Version 0.94 adds many important features, including:

  • the ability to clear the typelib cache when the program starts (in Options-General)
    The typelib cache is an area of your hard disk where VB Migration Partner stores the .NET assemblies resulting from the conversion of COM type libraries, and is useful to speed up execution. We now provide the option to clear this cache when the program starts because it might solve a few issues that might occur when your VB6 app references a .NET DLL via interop and you've recompiled the .NET DLL. Also, disabling this option allows to run multiple instances of VB Migration Partner (which might raise problems if automatic typelib cache clearing is enabled)
  • a new setting to decide how many migration errors and warnigns are displayed in the bottom pane and the initial status of Errors/Warnings/Infos/ToDos switches (in Options-Results)
    Many beta testers asked for this feature, which is essential when migrating very large applications. When you have thousands of messages in the bottom pane, switching between windows is painfully slow. This new option greatly reduces this problem. (Incidentally, this is the very reasons why Visual Studio has an upper limit to the number of compiler messages that can be displayed in its Error List pane.)
  • A new command allows you to quickly edit the master VBMigrationPartner.pragmas file, located in VB Migration Partner's install folder. By putting pragmas in this file you can control the default behavior used when migrating several VB6 statements, for example how arrays with nonzero LBound are migrated, or whether the support for default members is enabled by default. Of course you can always override such settings with pragmas inside individual projects.
  • The AxWrapperGen utility has been greatly improved, which means that it is now easier to create wrappers for 3rd party ActiveX controls.
  • A warning is emitted if the VB6 project contains a pragma that should be located in a *.pragmas file, for example an AddLibraryPath or ProProcess pragma.

We also fixed nearly 50 bugs, so the program is better and more stable than before. As usually, you can learn more by browsing the VERSION HISTORY.TXT file, in VB Migration Partner's install folder.