We just posted three new apps in our Code Samples section:

A complete Web Browser is what its name implies. This sample uses the WebBrowser control to implement a full-featured web browser, which supports URL auto-completion, printing, HTML source window, favorite window, and progress bar. VB Migration Partner can migrate it without adding any pragma!

ezDatabase is a demostration of virtually all ADODB features. VB Migration Partner convert this sample correctly at the first attempt, therefore it is also a great demo of VBMP's converting features. Unfortunately, the original VB6 code has a few bugs and they are migrated as well. (In other words, if you see any malfunctioning in VB.NET code, check the original VB6 code before putting the blame on VB Migration Partner )Wink

LCD Clock is a simple digital clock with many options. You can move on top of other window and move with the mouse. It has other intriguing features, all of which are correctly migrated to VB.NET. We needed just one WriteProperty pragma to beautify the user interface.

Note for Beta testers: current version 0.94 can't correctly migrate the WebBrowser sample, due to a number of bugs for the WebBrowser control that we've fixed after the 0.94 release. The support library that comes with these samples doesn't suffer from these bugs.