Now that VB Migration Partner is out, we can disclose a few comments from our beta testers. Here’s the one coming from Lorenzo Barbieri (LinkedIN profile). Lorenzo is arguably the most active Italian blogger, writes on several magazines (including Italian edition of MSDN), speaks at international conferences, and is a very active MVP. Yesterday he blogged on VB Migration Partner; his post is in Italian, but  I have translated it for you here:

VB Migration Partner 1.0 has been released

Today version 1.0 of the tool Francesco Balena has been working on together with Code Architects Team has been released.

In past months I have tried a few beta releases, however – because of the recent job change [In April Lorenzo joined Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist, F.B.] – I didn’t manage to test it thoroughly enough to provide useful feedback. Nevertheless, all the tests I run it through were successful and all the projects I submitted to it were converted at the first attempt.

If you still have VB6 projects and want to convert them to VB.NET, I warmly recommend to give this tool a try.