We just uploaded build 1.00.04.

As you can  read in the VersionHistory.txt file, this build sports many new minor but inmportant features:

  • we added support for the MS Calendar ActiveX control, including data binding with DAO and ADO sources
  • we fixed a serious bug related to splash screen in Windows Forms application - which occasionally caused VB Migration Partner to crash - and provided an easy way to avoid that the same bug in your own converted VB.NET projects
  • we changed the way AxWrapperGen works, so that it now creates one single project instead of two.
  • two new menu commands let users export and import user settings - no need to fine-tune VB Migration Partner's behavior when you install a new edition or install it on a different computer



We also uploaded a few interesting KB articles, that can help you work around some common problems including:

Just as important, we fixed a few minor bugs related to the DateTimePicker and WebBrowser controls, the SetType and ReplaceStatement pragmas, the AxWrapperGen utility.

Happy migrations... as usual!