As you can read in Part 2 of this saga, Mauricio Rojas, a developer who works for a competing company, decided to write a series of articles with the only purpose of proving me wrong on my opinions about VB6-to-C# converters.

Writing one or more essays to counter your competitors' ideas is quite acceptable. However, Mauricio went a bit too far when he attacked me personally and questioned my expertise in code migration. (For the record, I am sure it's a personal initiative by Mauricio and that his company isn't involved in it.)

Mauricio wrote two articles, one on the translation of On Error statement and another on the translation of late-binding code to C#. I posted long comments to both articles, explaining that he made a few mistakes and that his examples were flawed. Unbeliably, Mauricio never published these comments!  This is the very first time I hear of a blogger exercising cersorship on someone who doesn't agree with him or her.

He did something worse, though. When Mauricio realized that the article about late-binding was filled with mistakes, he silently deleted the article, without offering any explanation! This is why this URL now points nowhere. By withdrawing the article, the author implicitly admitted that he was wrong. He could have written an errata, or just fixed the mistakes; instead, he took the easiest path and pretended that he never wrote it.

The fact that the original article isn't available any longer would put me in a weird situation, because my last post is a reply to an article that was never "officially" written. Fortunately, I had saved Mauricio's posts offline and you can download them from here (MHT format, for Internet Explorer) or here (HTML version in ZIP file, for all browsers) Call it premonition, if you prefer! Cool