Microsoft has recently included Code Architects in the NXT Partner Program

The NXT Program includes a very restricted number of companies that specialized in migrating legacy applications, possibly based on non-MS platforms, towards more recent Microsoft technologies, such as the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Windows Presentation Fundation, SharePoint, and BizTalk. If you are converting or modernizing a legacy software application, working with an NXT Partner ensures that you are working with the most skilled experts in Microsoft technologies and products.

Qualyfing for the NXT Program isn't easy. As of this writing there are only about 40 partners in the program, 11 of which are located in Europe. We applied for the program many months ago, before we officially launched VB Migration Partner (which explains why our flagship product isn't mentioned in the company description). In addition to being the only partner in Italy, Code Architects is the only NXT Partner who specializes in migrating VB6 applications to VB.NET.