A good migration tool would be nothing without an adequate tech support. That's why we invest all our energies to answer our customers' request as quickly as possible. At times this is difficult because we have so many customers overseas. At times we work on Saturdays so that everything works fine on Monday morning. I personally write the majority of KB articles, to share our knowledge among users and make our tool easier to use. 

It's a lot of effort, but it's so rewarding when a customer gives us such a great feedback:

Structural Concepts Ltd. has been developing Virtual Bridges for over 10 years. The unique next generation bridge engineering software is being used on a number of notable projects and design competitions.

In order to take advantage of the increased available memory in MS Vista 64 as well as to take advantage of multi-core processors, the large VB6 software base is being migrated to MS Visual Studio.Net. It was important to proceed in an efficient manner while still being able to continue using and expanding the existing version of Virtual Bridges. While the architecture of the software was very well thought out, any thought of carrying out the migration process manually or with partial conversion tools would have been out of the question. Although proceeding step by step using COM interopt was initially contemplated, it quickly became apparent that the process and debugging worflow would be too inefficient.

By some luck, I came accross VB Migration Partner's web site. Based on prior first hand knowledge of Francesco Balena's excellent VB text books, I was sold even before the product was released. Once it was released, I immediately purchased it and put it to good use.

This is the part I like most. (The boldface is mine.)

It is absolutely clear that VBMP is an essential tool for the migration of any real project. Frankly, given the exemplary support from the lead developer and author of in my opinion the finest VB textbooks out there, I could only proceed with full confidence. Given that any issue that I raised was answered positively on a next day if not next hour basis also made a huge difference. It's really as close to having VB Migration Partner's support team work in my office as one could get!

Ara Ashikian, P.Eng.
President, Structural Concepts Ltd
Vancouver, BC

It's worth noticing that Structural Concepts is migrating a VB6 app to VB.NET while extending and updating the VB6 code at the same time. This is the kind of wonder that only VB Migration Partner's convert-test-fix methodology can offer. No other VB6 conversion tool even comes close.