Unlike the majority of the language conversion products available on the market – which mainly attempt to convert code from one language to another – VB Migration Partner both converts the code and uses a support library to decrease the gap between VB6 and VB.NET and to ensure that the converted code really behaves as expected. When combined with its superior code parser and generation engine, the support library becomes an essential factor in VB Migration Parter's superior performance and high success ratio.

Using a support library in a migrated project isn't different from, say, using a 3rd-pary ActiveX control or a .NET control in your code. VBers have used custom controls for years, even if their source code wasn't available or consisted of poorly documented C++ code. VB developers have used 3rd-party custom controls because they didn't want to reinvent the wheel, they didn't want to spend months just to build a powerful grid or chart control, and preferred to invest their time and money on developing the real application, not just the infrastructure.

A support library offers pretty much the same advantages: it allows you to cut the cost of the migration process and bring the migrated VB.NET to the market earlier. As a matter of fact, a support library provides at least 17 important benefits.

Interestingly, our competitors felt the urge to comment our approach, in the attempt to convince potential customers that a library is a very scary thing. Their arguments are a bit lame, though, if you consider that their tool uses a support library for specific tasks, except their library isn't as complete as ours.

The truth is quite different, of course: a rich support library provides so many advantages that it would be silly NOT to use it. The advantages are so many and so important that we wrote a detailed white paper to describe them. Read it, compare it with what our competitors opinion, and then decide for yourself.

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