More and more VB Migration Partner are finishing the migration of large business apps and are willing to share their experience with readers of this blog.

In 1995 we realized a client/server application in VB3 using several third party controls, such as Crystal Report, Formula 1, and Crescent QuickPak. Over the years the software was greatly enhanced with new features and was ported to VB5 and then to VB6.

Two years ago our customer asked us to port the application to .NET, which in the meantime had reached the remarkable size of 800,000 lines of code. A manual rewriting was clearly too complex and expensive.

Almost accidentally we learned about VB Migration Partner, which was in non-public alpha release at the time, and it already looked
quite promising for our purposes. We decided to invest some time in modernizing the VB6 code while waiting for the official release, which we adopted shortly after its official debut.

In these months we found the tool quite powerful and versatile, and surprisingly complete for a 1.0 release. More specifically, the included AxWrapperGen tool allowed us to create wrapper classes that guarantee the correct working of a few VB6 controls that aren’t directly supported under VB.NET. We estimate that this tool alone spared us several man months of hard work.

Finally, I’d like to thank Code Architects’ technical support team, who supported us through our endeavors, in a professional and efficient way. They and their software allowed us to complete the migration of our flagship application earlier than expected.

Marco Meneo
ProgeSoftware, Italy

800,000 lines of code is a *big* application to convert. Nevertheless, ProgeSoftware successfully completed the migration without any support from Code Architects other than the standard email support we offer to all our customers.

Unlike other conversion tools on the market, VB Migration Partner is so powerful and well documented that it requires no hiring external, expensive experts who show you how to prepare the VB6 code before the migration and how to manually fix all the issues that the tool left unresolved.

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