Last week we released VB Migration Partner 1.10.04. In addition to a few bug fixex, this new version features two new pragmas.

The new PreservePropertyAssignmentKind pragma solves a problem that is inherent to the translation of VB6 properties that have a Get, Let, and Set block. This problem manifests itself in relatively few cases, and in fact no one has ever documented it before. Not surprisingly, the Upgrade Wizard and other VB migration tools suffer from this limitation. You can find more details here

The second pragma we added is SetPragmaPrefix, which allows you to decide the valid prefix (or prefixes) for pragmas. It indirectly allows to enable and disable a group of pragmas inserted in code and can be very helpful in advanced scenarios. For example, you might want to try different approaches when migrating, and this pragma frees you from having to delete and insert many pragmas for each different scenario. (This is just an example: you'll see the real power of this pragma in forthcoming releases.)