We at Code Architects have been working on the next release for a couple months now. It should have been released as version 1.10.05, but we have added so many important features that we decided to label it as version 1.11.

Here's a partial list of what you'll find in the forthcoming version:

  • smaller runtime library (about 1.66 MB) loads faster and takes less memory
  • improved support for Variants - our VB6Variant class now behaves very closely to the original VB6 data type
  • better support for "B-string" functions, e.g. LeftB and InputB)
  • byref/byval semantics are correctly handled also in late-bound calls  (more info in upcoming blog post)
  • better support for Japanese characters and resources
  • better support for ActiveX controls

We should be releasing version 1.11 within the end of May.