Since its early beta versions VB Migration Partner has always supported the conversion of OLE drag-and-drop features, including the OLEDragMode and OLEDropMode properties, the OLEDrag method, and all OLExxx events. All these members are fully supported and developers don't need to manually edit either the VB6 code and the migrated VB.NET code.

In the past year our customers have shown to greatly appreciate this feature, thus we are very proud to announce that we have extended the support to "classic" drag-and-drop, i.e. the DragDrop and DragIcon properties, the Drag method, and the DragOver and DragDrop events. As for OLE D&D, all the features are fully supported and no manual edits are required, neither before nor after the migration.

It almost goes without saying that VB Migration Partner is the only VB6-to-VB.NET conversion tool that fully supports "classic" drag-and-drop. The new features will be included in forthcoming version 1.10.01, due in one-two weeks. 

In addition to demonstrating that Code Architects is relentlessly improving VB Migration Partner, this announcement also proves many of the advantages of a rich support library (as opposed to other conversion tools).

  • No need to re-migrate a VB.NET application that has been already migrated. Registered users of previous versions only need to download the new support library and - presto! - their converted VB.NET apps will automatic leverage D&D support!
  • No need to learn how drag-and-drop works in VB.NET and no need to revise how it worked in VB6, which in turn means fewer training costs and fewer issues if the original VB developers have left the company in the meantime.
  • No need to purchase a new license for VB Migration Partner: as our customers know, users of version 1.xx have the lifetime right to download any future 1.xx versions of the support library, free of charge!

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