After a set of rigorous tests - which took a bit longer than we anticipated - VB Migration Partner 1.20 has been finally released!

We have dubbed this version as the Definitive Edition, for one simple reason: version 1.20 supports all major VB6 features. Period.

More specifically, VB Migration Partner 1.20 add support in three major areas:

  •  "Classic" (VB3-style) drag-and-drop and all related properties, methods, and events (e.g. DragMode, DropMode, Drag, DragOver, and DragDrop).
  • Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) communication and virtually all related members, with the only exception of the LinkTimeout property and the LinkError event.
  • Variant variables, Variant arrays, and Null propagation in expressions.

Of course we also fixed a number of things in both the code generation engine and the support library. With about 75 fixes, this is undoubtedly the most robust and powerful VB Migration Partner version ever published.

We are especially proud of the great support we now offer for Variants, by means of our special VB6Variant data type. We support Variant variables that contain arrays of other data types (including Variant itself) as well as methods invoked in late-bound mode via a VB6Variant variable. All the math and string methods in the support library (e.g. Int, Fix, Len, etc.) have been revised to support Variant and we even reproduce the VB6 behavior with all operators. For example, ANDing Null with False returns False, and ORing Null with True returns True, exactly as in VB6.

If you've used Variants and late-binding, and/or DDE and drag-and-drop in your VB6 code, VB Migration Partner 1.20 - The Definitive Edition can save you weeks or months in your next migration project.

NOTE: If you are a registered user you don't need to do anything special to have the new edition: just ensure that you have a working Internet connection and launch VB Migration Partner, which will detect that a new version is available online and propose to download it.