We just published an interesting comment from one of our customers in the Testimonials page (the boldface is mine):

I have been using the trial version and have been very impressed with the results. The conversion results are superior to any tool we have tried and the pragma system is exactly what we need in order to continue improving the VB6 version while the migration to .NET is underway. I have been able to convert one of the smaller, but most technically challenging, modules in our application with just 3-4 hours spent each day over the course of three days. The competition's product left us with ugly-looking code that would have taken a full week, at a minimum, and I won't even mention the results of the free Visual Studio converter.

Jeff Irvine
It Just Works Software Corporation

It's just a confirmation that VB Migration Partner is 2-3 times more efficient than other products in this market niche. This is no surprise, if you have carefully read our most popular whitepaper Migration Tools: a comparison table.