Today Microsoft announced Visual Studio 2010. VB Migration Partner v.1.30 already supports it.... here's an except of the official press release (which is available in its entirety here). 

Code Architects, Visual Studio Industry Partner, announced today that it will ship a new version 1.30 of VB Migration Partner, which includes support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. 

Since May 2008, VB Migration Partner allows developers to successfully convert their Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 legacy applications to the Microsoft .NET Framework. VB Migration Partner supports all the main Visual Basic 6 features and controls, and allows refining the converted application while keeping it in sync with the original project, thanks to migration pragmas and proprietary convert-test-fix methodology.

[...]“Microsoft is pleased that Code Architects, a Visual Studio Industry Partner, has invested early in supporting Visual Studio 2010 and our next-generation application development platform, and is today simultaneously shipping VB Migration 1.30,” said Matt Nunn, group product manager of Visual Studio at Microsoft Corp. “Products like VB Migration 1.30 help customers simplify their development process from design to deployment when using Microsoft products like Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.”