Just arrived and published in our Testimonials page. Any comment seems superfluous Cool

Visual Basic Migration Partner from Code Architects is the product that Microsoft should have supplied instead of that dreadful Upgrade Wizard!  It is fast, efficient and informative.

However I'm going to say more about Code Architects technical support.  In my experience this is second to none and is THE model of good support that others should aspire to.

Even questions that I now see are trivial, were answered quickly, clearly and courteously.  There was no feeling of 'we are the experts and you are an idiot' that you find in some places.

The speed of reply is outstanding - normally replies come within two or three hours and often much quicker.  The answers are answers to the questions that I actually asked - it is clear that the support team has taken care to understand to read my questions.  The replies themselves are full, providing a clear course of action, and give reasons for that action and helpful background information and suggestions.

When dealing with some rather obscure aspect of the properties of a control, I came across a small problem in VBMP.  I received a correction later on that same day.  What more could you want?

In short, while using VBMP tech support I have never felt that I was going to be left dangling.

Geoff Adams
Linos Photonics