Earlier this week we made VB Migration Partner v.1.32 available to all registered users.

Unlike some competitors of ours, who attempt to generate hype by releasing a new major version every few months - and nevertheless are still far from matching the core functionality of VB Migration Partner - we prefer to stay with version 1.xx and yet adding new important features at every new release.

As with all previous versions, all the new features were inspired by customers' requests. In spite of this being a "minor" new release, the list of added features is really impressive:

  • Save time during the test stage with the new Trace-Match feature: you can now easily produce a trace both under VB6 and the converted VB.NET program, compare the two trace files, and quickly spot behavioral differences between the two. More info here.
  • the new SetOption ExcludeMethodBody pragma is an important addition that permits to migrate subsets of large VB6 projects. You can now convert projects with hundreds and hundreds forms and classes, by focusing on just 5 or 10 forms/classes each time. No more the dreaded "Too many compilation errors" warning!
  • the new PreProcess and PostProcess pragmas allow you automatically launch external programs before or after the migration, thus providing the ability to customize the converter's behavior with no need to create a specific extender. 
  • Partial support for the ObjPtr undocumented VB6 function
  • Partial support for the DrawMode property of Form, Picturebox, and UserControl objects. You can now do rubber-banding in .NET, no need for manual fixes!
  • Ability to export and save the contents of the Activity Log pane
  • Menus in MDI forms have been enhanced and now behave exactly as in VB6.
  • OLE drag-and-drop now works also between TreeView nodes, and we added support for the DropHighlight property of both TreeView and ListView controls
  • ... and counting.

As usual, all the details are in the VERSION HISTORY.TXT file that comes with the new setup, including the complete list of all the bugs that we caught since last release.

To download the new version, just lauch VB Migration Partner on a computer connected to the Internet: a message will alert you that a new version is available and will bring you to the download page on our website.