Dennis Gurock is the main developer of SmartInspect, a .NET, java, and Delphi logging tool. I heard about this software some time ago and was impressed by its features, especially the ability to filter messages and find subtle bugs. Had I discovered it before, I would have surely used it during the test phase of VB Migration Partner, and I would have save a lot of time and many headaches. Maybe in the next coding project...

I was pleased to see that Dennis heard about our tool too, and blogged about it. I already already left a comment to thank him, but I was especially intrigued by the question at the end of his post: are there better alternatives than migrating VB6 to VB.NET than an automatic migration tool, such as migrating to Delphi?

First, my hat off to Delphi. It has been the very first "pure" object-oriented programming language that became mainstream, when C++ was just used like a "better C". Many of the best features in .NET have their roots in Delphi, therefore I highly respect this language and those who write great apps with it. It's a pity that Borland made a few faux pas and isn't the great company it used to be 20 years ago.

That said, I don't see why VB6-ers should move to Delphi instead of VB.NET. For a more articulated answer, read my next post.