Just received from one of our customers:

In 2002 I was very excited to see that Visual Basic had become a true OOP and modern language, even if that meant breaking the compatibility with VB6. Alas, the excitement faded away quickly when I tried the Upgrade Wizard included in Visual Studio .NET: even the simplest projects required hours of manual labor just to compile without errors. And once compiled they often didn’t work as they were supposed to do, especially if they made calls to Windows API.

I eagerly waited for each subsequent Visual Studio .NET release, hoping that Upgrade Wizard had evolved from a toy into a tool capable to convert real-world business apps. Each time it was a disappointed and we had to postpone the migration of our document management system (counting over 500,000 lines of VB6 code spread in many different projects).

Then I tried out VB Migration Partner… at last I had control on the migration process, thanks to pragmas, regular expressions, and a support library that ensures a very high degree of compatibility with the original behavior. As it often happens, the simplest ideas are the most effective ones!

In my opinion, the main VB Migration Partner strengths are its extreme flexibility and the excellent tech support. The Code Architects Team always solved all our doubts and problems, often in a matter of hours. Francesco Balena in person replied to the toughest queries about COM marshaling and object disposal. It was a pleasant surprise to find such a competent team and a company that is willing to extend their support to issues that aren’t strictly related to their product.

Stefano Baldi
Engineering PLM Solutions
, Italy

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