We've just published a case study of a migration carried out by SIS, an Austrian Microsoft partner who used VB Migration Partner to convert a middle-sized ERP system (about 650,000 lines of code), with a good assortment of challenges. The part that I like most is the following paragraph (the boldface is mine):

During the software evaluation phase we run a 25K prototype through all the conversion programs. It took 2.5 hours to get a compilable and runnable VB.NET project with VB Migration Partner, and 13 hours with its closest competitor. The reduced effort, the ability to use pragmas and support for the convert-test-fix were the main reasons for choosing Code Architects’ software. Later we discovered that their tech support is also excellent.

It looks like VB Migration Partner allows you to convert VB6 apps to VB.NET about 5 times faster than its competitors. Interestingly, the ratio is virtually the same also for larger, real-worlds apps - as you can ascertain by reading our competitors' case studies related to applications of comparable size.

You can read the entire story here.